The Climb – How to Work Through Challenging Times

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Sometimes life seems like an endless struggle from one challenge to the next. In such times we might either need to work through it on our own or learn to ask for help.

I have recently heard the song by Miley Cyrus called ‘The Climb’ where she sings about those times of challenge. Let’s have a look at her message and what we can learn from it.

There’s always going to be another mountain

The truth is that after one challenge is dealt with and finished you can count on the fact that there will be another one sooner or later. Clients who come to therapy often want to have problems go away, believing that ‘if only I have dealt with this, I’ll be happy’.

The Climb

Always gonna be an uphill battle...

It’s always going to be an uphill battle

It still surprises me that after however many years people have lived and collected life experience, there is still the glimmer of hope that dealing with issues will end. ‘Happy ever after’ might be portrayed in fairy tales and movies but is not life’s reality. You will have realised by now that those challenges will always be an uphill battle and sometimes you going to have to lose. The question is: How are you going to react or respond to this fact? Continue Reading The Climb – How to Work Through Challenging Times…

Article Challenge – Getting Half Way

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When I decided to do the 100 articles in 100 days challenge with EzineArticles I really could not image what writing all these 100 articles meant, let alone in 100 days. Before starting the challenge I had about 70 articles published in the more than three years being a member with EzineArticles. So you can imagine how often I published an article until that time.

At the Beginning

At the beginning of this year I set myself a goal to write two articles per week. That was already a big step from one article once in a while to a commitment to me of two per week. When the article challenge was announced I felt pulled to up the ante and just go for it full speed.

writing... writing... still writing

Day 5

I was on holiday Continue Reading Article Challenge – Getting Half Way…

Introducing the Self – The Aware Ego

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Aware Ego

Each of us walks around with a bunch of different ‘people’ inside playing different roles at different times in our lives. These selves are the central building blocks of the psyche. Most of the time it is either the interaction or dynamic between these selves that creates stress and anxiety in our lives. In the following article I would like to introduce you to one of these selves, the Aware Ego.


The Aware Ego is the part of our consciousness that grows out of the ego, when we develop more awareness. As a more Aware Ego, we are in a better position to make real choices as opposed to responding automatically and unconsciously.

The Development of the Aware Ego

In the beginning we believe we are the selves that are active at any given time, like being under the influence of Continue Reading Introducing the Self – The Aware Ego…

How Relationships Are Affected When Communication is Poor

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Poor Communication?

‘The quality of your communication is directly proportional to the quality of your relationship.’ This sentence says it: when your communication is poor, so is your relationship. All of you who read this article will have experienced or are currently experiencing a relationship affected by poor communication. This article will look at how specifically it can affect the relationship.

Starting with the first affects it has on you personally I will then move to the later affects and also the implication is can have on family and the wider community.

Low satisfaction Continue Reading How Relationships Are Affected When Communication is Poor…

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