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What do you decide to be important?

What do you decide to be important?

It is silly to think of something to be not important
and expect important results.

Tim Walker

Meditation – Basic Practice

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There is a joke in Buddhist circles: “Don’t just do something, sit there.”

~ just breath... ~

~ just breath... ~

What is Meditation?

Meditation is how we train in continuous awareness. It is also how we train in letting go. Meditating might not appear to be very exciting or productive, but try it and give inner peace a chance.

Meditation is a truly transformative spiritual exercise. Beginning meditators do not always connect the simplicity of what they are doing to the essence of the spiritual search, but it is all there to be discovered by those who try it. The Dzogchen teachings of Tibet say one moment of total awareness is one moment of perfect freedom and enlightenment. You do not need to seek elsewhere; it is all within. Continue Reading Meditation – Basic Practice…

Pain Versus Suffering

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Pain or Suffering?

Pain or Suffering?

Pain exists to promote evolution. Its cumulative effect finally forces us in a new direction, although the mechanism may be very slow. So how many times is it necessary to hit the bottom before a lesson is learnt?

Pain and suffering are very distinctive experiences in everyone’s development. However there is a very significant difference between pain and suffering which, once understood, will transform your life.


Let me explain: Pain is the sensation or signal in the body that some event or experience is not in alignment with one’s value system. If, for example, your partner shouts at you and you immediately feel pain in form of hurt, disappointment, sadness or even anger it is a sign of a breach of your unconscious values and criteria around how you want to be treated in a relationship. Continue Reading Pain Versus Suffering…

What is the Meaning of Your Problem?

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Your friend just told you that she does not like your new shoes or your boss refused to publish your article? So what is the real problem?

The meanings we give to situations are the significant variables that make up the quality of our experiences.

The situation that is presenting, in the example above the fact that your friend did not like the shoes, is never the problem itself. We create problems by the meanings we attach to the situation. Continue Reading What is the Meaning of Your Problem?…

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