Introducing the Self – The Aware Ego

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Aware Ego

Each of us walks around with a bunch of different ‘people’ inside playing different roles at different times in our lives. These selves are the central building blocks of the psyche. Most of the time it is either the interaction or dynamic between these selves that creates stress and anxiety in our lives. In the following article I would like to introduce you to one of these selves, the Aware Ego.


The Aware Ego is the part of our consciousness that grows out of the ego, when we develop more awareness. As a more Aware Ego, we are in a better position to make real choices as opposed to responding automatically and unconsciously.

The Development of the Aware Ego

In the beginning we believe we are the selves that are active at any given time, like being under the influence of a board of the predominant or primary selves. It is in this state that these selves have usually taken over the executive function of the psyche, the choice maker. When this happens, our ego has identified with particular energy patterns or selves.

Most people believe that they have free will in this state, however unless we awaken to our conscious process, the vast majority of us are run by those energy patterns with which we have identified or by those which we have disowned.

Developing an Aware Ego is a question of intent and time. People who are interested in becoming more aware and at choice in regards to their reactive pattern will start developing their ego, bring consciousness into their daily activities and therefore evolve their consciousness and the ego becomes an Aware Ego.

Identification and Avoidance

When the ego is identified with any self, for example a ‘Spiritual Seeker Self’, there will always be an opposing energy pattern or a disowned self to create balance. Mostly, and before an Aware Ego has developed, we are not aware of those parts or want to get rid of those unwanted parts of us. We try hard to disengage from patterns like jealousy, rage, pettiness, shyness, and feelings of inadequacy… the list is endless. In an attempt to avoid or eradicate these rejected selves, we make them stronger by driving them into the unconscious where they are free to operate beyond our control.


With the development of an Aware Ego we allow ourselves to step back from any self and witness from a level of awareness. The ego receives information made available by the awareness level and by the experience of various selves.

Whose making the decision?

The purpose of developing more awareness is to be at choice as opposed to have our psychological car run by one of the selves without our say.

The consequence, if we accept the information of our Aware Ego, is that there will be no reason to feel bad or guilty about the way we are.


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