Personal Development – You Are Always Making The Right Decision

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It is so easy to say ‘I should not have done that’ or ‘I made the wrong decision’. What if, in fact, you are always making the right decision at any given time? Can you accept and do you want to accept this statement? Let’s look at why this is the case.

If I stay right here, I won't make the wrong decision.

How we make decisions

Generally speaking we all make decisions on a daily basis. From what we are going to eat for breakfast to which way we walk or drive to work to any other little things in life, which you might not consciously be aware of. Unconsciously you are weighing up the different options and then choose the best one available. Usually this happens in a split second and we move on to the next decision.

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Self Knowledge

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The great thing about self-knowledge is that once you have it, you have it.

So what do you already know?

Memory can be unreliable

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Memory can be unreliable.

Wedding memories

Every time we pull out a scene, we fiddle with it a bit before we put it back.
We are constantly altering our memory so that the past won’t conflict with the present.
If, for example, we’re hating our ex-husband now, we might remember the wedding as less happy and might say: ‘He was never the right one anyway.’
Sounds familiar?

Relationship Wisdom – What Stops You From Having Sex With Your Partner?

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What is ruling your sex life?

Reading the statistics about how often a couple has sex makes some wonder: ‘What’s wrong with me?’ The fact is that these numbers are not necessarily representative of the whole population. Still, the question remains: What stops you from having sex with your partner?

We used to have sex all the time!

We can find a multitude of reasons why the frequency of intimacy and sexual intercourse in specific usually decreases over the course of a relationship. First of all, it depends on the libido of the people involved, so keep that in mind while continuing to read this article. One reason that applies to all of us is that at the beginning of a relationship, while a couple is filled with ‘honeymoon hormones’ the drive to have sex is the highest. Given that this state lasts anywhere from six to 18 months and then decreases, it makes sense that so does the desire. This reason is based in biology and it is said that it is linked to the average time it takes to procreate and conceive a baby.

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