Relationship Wisdom – Staying Together Because Of The Kids

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If you have children and are contemplating separation or divorce you will think twice about the likely consequences for them. Let’s have a look at some of the questions you need to ask yourself.

What are you role modeling to your kids?

Right or wrong

Depending on whom you ask, you will get their personal opinion of what they think is right or wrong. Let’s get this straight: there is no right or wrong in this situation. This is a very personal situation and if there was a clear-cut answer I am sure you would know it. Still, it wouldn’t make your case any easier.

Ask yourself:

  • What do I think about separation/divorce?
  • What are my past memories relating to this topic?
  • Is my concern about what others might think of me?
  • What would I think of me if I were to follow through and separate from my partner, leave the kids ‘behind’?

Children growing up with mum and dad versus single-parent families Continue Reading Relationship Wisdom – Staying Together Because Of The Kids…

Separation And Divorce – Pros And Cons

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Where is Dad?

Making a decision to separate or divorce has a major impact on your life, whether the decision is mutual or not. The ritual of marriage is a significant milestone in life and to undo or reverse this is similarly significant.

In a time of relationship crisis, separation and divorce might seem the only solution. Having said that, it is important to keep the whole picture, including all the different people affected, in mind. Continue Reading Separation And Divorce – Pros And Cons…

Working Long Hours – The Effect on Your Relationship

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Working Hours & Relationships

Being part of the ‘Living in Australia’* research study I recently received their information and insight brochure. According to the their research study ‘Working long hours – it’s good for your marriage’ and  you now have reason to work more! The research implies that being obsessed in your job is no longer the sin it used to be.

Reading on I’m getting a bit confused:

‘Many people believe that working long hours is damaging for personal relationship. However, recent studies have shown that the likelihood of divorce falls with the number of hours worked by the husband.

Research using HILDA data from 2001 to 2006 has found that men in jobs with long hours are more likely to divorce that anyone else. This research has also found that the optimal work arrangement is where a male works a 41 – 49 hour week. Beyond this the risk of seperations rises, but is still lower than for couples where the male works a 35 – 40 hour week. The likelihood of separation declines with the duration of the marriage and with higher household income.

Given this article I’m wondering how the research data is being evaluated. Given that I’ve answered their question for the last 6 years I’m familiar with the structure of their research and the thoroughness of their questions and still it leaves me in amazement on how they come to this conclusions.

What do you think? How do ‘working hours’ affect your relationship?

(* The Living in Australia study began in 2001. In this study we collect and analyse information from thousands of different families and individuals across Australia. We ask questions about life in Australia including your employment, family relationships, education and wellbeing.)

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