What Does Stress Cause?

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s - t - r - e - s - s

Stress is part of today’s society, a by-product of our way of living. Productivity has become synonymous with being a good person, working long hours the way to be promoted and ‘to-do-lists’ are many people’s daily companions. The following article will look at what stress causes in our lives.

Besides the physical, mental, emotional and behavioral symptoms that stress can cause, it has some other secondary effects that we will specifically look at here:

1. Deteriorating relationships

Stress keeps people separated. Continue Reading What Does Stress Cause?…

The Importance of Stress Relief

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Massage as a form of stress relief

We all experience stress to a certain degree. If managed appropriately stress can help us, for example, to get things done on time. If however you are experiencing a high level of stress on a continuous basis without adequately managing it, then it will have a detrimental effect on your physical, mental and emotional health.

Am I stressed?

In some cases it is blatantly obvious Continue Reading The Importance of Stress Relief…

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