Make Me Happy!

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Are you wanting other people to make you happy?

Well I do, at times…

Have a look at this video:

Seven Steps to Personal Happiness.

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~ If you're happy and you know it... SMILE 🙂 ~ Photo by Zara (click on photo for link)

1. Happiness is accepting “what is” and getting on with life. Recriminations or regrets have no place in happiness.

2. Happiness is a natural state of being, just choose it and make it happen. You will never be happier than you expect to be, so raise your expectations.

3. Happiness is savoring every moment in the present. Spending too much time in the past or the future is robbing you of your NOW.
Time NOW is your life NOW. Treasure it.

4. Happiness is developing the wisdom to know what is in your control and what isn’t and accepting it. Knowing that  you can only control yourself.

5. Happiness is making time for yourself every day in any way you choose and allowing others the same right.

6. Happiness is appreciating what you ALREADY have and not dreaming your life away.

7. Happiness is letting all of the people in your life know how much you love and appreciate them now. Live each moment as if it is your last.

In the end what matters is;
How well did you live
How well did you love
How well did you learn to let go

How do you make sure you experience happiness?

Happy to read your comments 🙂

Authentic Happiness Research Projects Seeking Participants

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The Positive Psychology Center at the University of Pennsylvania is seeking participants for online research studies. The studies look at character strengths and virtues, happiness, optimism, satisfaction with life, and related positive psychology topics.

Have a look at the website where you can partake in those surveys. You need to register first to take the surveys (free of charge). It gives you some good idea on where you ‘are’ in relation to other test participants.

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