Article Challenge – Getting Half Way

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When I decided to do the 100 articles in 100 days challenge with EzineArticles I really could not image what writing all these 100 articles meant, let alone in 100 days. Before starting the challenge I had about 70 articles published in the more than three years being a member with EzineArticles. So you can imagine how often I published an article until that time.

At the Beginning

At the beginning of this year I set myself a goal to write two articles per week. That was already a big step from one article once in a while to a commitment to me of two per week. When the article challenge was announced I felt pulled to up the ante and just go for it full speed.

writing... writing... still writing

Day 5

I was on holiday when the challenge started and therefore kept some articles on the ‘to be published’ pile, so that I would not get behind right from the beginning. Still, I had to catch up to stay on track, because already in the first week my ‘article moments’ were less often than the days of the week. It is like training for a marathon: at the beginning it creates a bit of pain and you still continue, keeping the goal in mind.

Day 10

I now let all my 450+ friends on Facebook and my 250+ clients know that I am taking part in this challenge. No way to back out…

With English being my fourth language I have asked my partner to proof-read them. I hope that he is getting some benefit out of my favorite topic and niche being ‘relationships’ and some of it we might even apply in our relationship. I wonder if he can make it through the challenge with me…

Day 20

I started out writing approximately an article every day until about day twenty. At that stage I had already written more articles than days had past, so I was giving myself a buffer in case I could not write one day. I am going well, still having fun seeing the number of articles rise and the number of remaining days fall.

Day 30

I am wondering how people find the time to write articles by the thousands as some of the higher ranking authors do. A recent blog question of EzineArticles about the most articles written and published in a day had one author answer with: fifty! I simply could not imagine how they do that. Maybe it was a joke? Some of those authors writing many more article than me might need no one to proof-read them, I guess…

Day 40

We have come to day 40, at least in my time zone being Australia, and I have successfully published more than 50 articles! I’m half way – celebration! I begin to get a glimpse what 100 articles mean… and ‘it is not over until the fat lady sings’.

I have started an article series about introducing different selves, which I found highly beneficial for myself to remember and re-gain clarity. I have noticed that with writing more articles I have become less identified with the ‘Serious Self’ and more in touch with the ‘Funny Self’, do you agree? Well, if you don’t know, you might have to get to know my ‘Writer Self’.

The Benefits

The benefit I have already begun to notice is that my writing has become much easier-going, more creative and flowing. I simply do not have the time to research every topic that I am writing about in great depth. This means that I am sharing more personally from myself and my experience rather than collecting knowledge of some experts and putting them together in an article.

I have also noticed that my ‘Writer Self’ is present most days, sometimes I already think about what I could write about today while still in bed in the morning. I will keep you posted.


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