Relationship Wisdom – What Stops You From Having Sex With Your Partner?

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What is ruling your sex life?

Reading the statistics about how often a couple has sex makes some wonder: ‘What’s wrong with me?’ The fact is that these numbers are not necessarily representative of the whole population. Still, the question remains: What stops you from having sex with your partner?

We used to have sex all the time!

We can find a multitude of reasons why the frequency of intimacy and sexual intercourse in specific usually decreases over the course of a relationship. First of all, it depends on the libido of the people involved, so keep that in mind while continuing to read this article. One reason that applies to all of us is that at the beginning of a relationship, while a couple is filled with ‘honeymoon hormones’ the drive to have sex is the highest. Given that this state lasts anywhere from six to 18 months and then decreases, it makes sense that so does the desire. This reason is based in biology and it is said that it is linked to the average time it takes to procreate and conceive a baby.

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Relationship Wisdom – High Desire Versus Low Desire Partner

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In any relationship you will sooner or later come across differences, which ultimately challenge you and the harmony of the relationship. One very common difference is the difference in sexual desire. This article will help you understand this topic better and answer some of your questions.

High or Low Sexual Desire?

High desire and low desire partner

I recently came across a book by Dr. David Schnarch, a clinical psychologist and sex therapist who is an expert on marriage and sexuality. In his book ‘Intimacy & Desire’ he introduces the pattern of high desire and low desire partner. This does not only apply to sexuality – it actually describes any kind of difference. Schnarch says: ‘The low desire partner and the high desire partner are positions in relationship on virtually any issue and decision in your relationship.’ There is always one partner who wants to do something and the other who doesn’t, or wants to do it less. So actually, to be correct, the two positions mean that there is one who has a higher desire and one who has the lower desire. It is all a question of comparison.

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Affairs – Who Is At Fault?

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Affairs are never pretty experiences, when they have to be dealt with in the primary relationship. So who is responsible? Who is at fault?

When Is It An Affair?

An affair, by definition, is a dishonest relationship with someone other than the partner you are in primary relationship with. This relationship usually involves strong feelings, affection, sexual desire, lust or love. It is dishonest because it is usually kept a secret, involves lying or deliberately leaving out details about your whereabouts.

Different people will have various definitions of what an affair is, often to justify their actions. If there is something involving a person of the opposite sex (or the gender you are sexually attracted to) that you don’t want your partner to know, then it is very likely to be part of an affair as it does not adhere to your spoken or unspoken couples agreement.

Emotional or physical

Affairs don’t necessarily have to include sex. There is intimacy between two people long before two bodies even touch. You can enter into a cyber or phone affair without even knowing or seeing the person. ‘We didn’t sleep with each other’ is therefore no excuse if you have had strong feelings, flirtations or other connections that involved dishonesty towards your primary partner.

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Sacred Loving for Couples – A Message From Sharon

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We have planned 2 free conference calls with Sharon and Kenneth from the States.

Sharon and Kenneth

Saturday, 2 October, 10 am
Tuesday, 5 October, 7pm

Whether you are a couple or single, these calls are for everyone that is interested in their work.

Please let me know, if you want to take part: 0405 701 707 – spaces are limited to 15 participants.

Here is Sharon’s Message:

Several years ago when I met Nathalie and Chris in Greece and the dream to bring Sacred Loving to Oz was hatched, it was hard to imagine the day when this trip would be just around the corner.

Well, here we are, less than a month away and I am feeling the excitement and anticipation of sharing something that is so dear to my heart with sweet hearts on the other side of the globe.

A few weeks ago Kenneth and I were in the midst of a Sacred Loving weekend when one particular moment astonished me with sweetness. I looked around the circle at the couples who were attending the weekend.   One couple had only been together six weeks; they wanted Sacred Loving to be part of the foundation of their relationship. Another couple had been married 35 years and desired to re-invent their relationship now that their nest was empty. And there were several couples with young kiddos who were longing to re-ignite the connection and passion that disappeared after their kids arrived.  There were couples in their 60’s and couple’s in their 20’s.  Nine very diverse couples all gathering to explore ways to love, and be loved, more deeply.   And in that moment I was overwhelmed with the honor and joy of not only holding the space for these couples to explore deeper loving; but also, with the desire to share this experience with as many couple’s as possible when we are in Byron Bay and Sydney.

During the ten years that Kenneth and I have offered Sacred Loving we have been blessed that these workshops have filled up through word-of-mouth; friends telling friends.  Since this will be the first time we are bringing Sacred Loving to Australia we don’t have the luxury of word spreading from past participants to their circles of friends.

With that in mind, Kenneth and I would like to make ourselves more available to you.  If any of the information Nathalie or Tanya have shared with you has tickled your interest we’d love to answer your questions or get you any information you’d need before deciding if the Sacred Loving workshop is a match for you.   We’d be glad to meet you via Skype or answer any questions you have through email.

In the craziness of the financial challenges many of us are facing it can be a stretch to make an investment in something you don’t know too much about.    With that in mind we’ve come up with an offer that we hope will entice more of you to join us in either Byron Bay or Sydney.

Here’s our offer: register and pay the workshop deposit of $200 by the early registration deadline. At the end of the Sacred Loving weekend make another payment depending on the value you received and what you can afford.  If you have a longing to deepen your relationship and you’re curious about what Sacred Loving could hold for you, we don’t want finances to be the reason you don’t come play with us.

If you haven’t already please visit our website: .
Tantra.  That word has been used in so many ways that the true essence of tantra is often misunderstood.    Goggle “tantra” and you will find dozens of definitions and different expressions.  Today when someone hears the word “Tantra” what might come to mind is wild sexual positions that look extremely dangerous; to partner swapping and group sex; to workshops where naked participants chant their way to orgasms.

When I talk about MY practice of tantra I am referring to my journey into a fully enlivened life where every aspect of life is welcomed in sacredness; where every part of life can bring me more fully into my authentic life expression; that includes awakening and embracing my sexuality, along with every other part of myself.    As Rumi says  “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about.”

Because “tantra” has so many different associations, (and most of those associations have nothing to do with the workshop we lead)    Kenneth and I began calling our workshop “Sacred Loving” with the desire to capture the deep essence of what our weekend workshop offers; an invitation, through experiences, practices, ritual and discussion, that brings the quality of  sacredness into all part of life.

In the Sacred Loving workshop the group co-creates a safe space to explore relationship, love and sexuality. We explore the depths of these subjects with simple experiences where everyone is invited to participate within their own comfort level.  It might surprise you  that most of the practices we offer during the weekend you can share with your kids; but when you bring these same practices into the bedroom your love connection and passion will be ignited, expanded and deepened…. And, in case you are wondering, there is no nudity during the workshop.

Each evening we offer you some special exercises to do in the privacy of your home or hotel room.  So, we invite you to set the entire weekend aside and dedicate your evenings to these powerful homeplay exercises.

The Sacred Loving weekend is a rich journey of connection and intimacy where we learn to return to the joy of loving each other. I can promise that what you will bring away from this workshop will not only add more juiciness, passion and connection to your relationship;  but all parts of your life will be enlivened and blessed by your practice of Sacred Loving.  We hope to see you there.

With love,
Skype: sharonstardancer

Sacred Loving For Couples

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Are you ready for intimate connection with your beloved?

A Weekend Journey Of Joyful Intimacy and Connection with Sharon and Kenneth Mauldin ~
‘The Sacred Loving Course grew out of our journey into sacred sexuality and the deepening of the relationship with ourselves and each other.
It is based in ancient tantric practices that bring consciousness to our sexuality. . . and conscious sexuality offers us some of the most blissful experiences we are capable of feeling. . . an opportunity to let go of ourselves and merge with our beloved.
During the Sacred Loving Weekend you will be offered a wellspring from which you can drink and open more deeply into love.
If you’ve ever longed for a deeper connection with yourself, If you’ve ever dreamed of sweeter intimacy with your partner, If you’ve ever thought there could be more to sexual loving…

What to Expect

The Sacred Loving course is a mixture of discussion, ritual and practical experiences.
There is no nudity or explicit sexual activity during class sessions.
But, there are very special homeplay assignments each evening, so please set the entire weekend aside for yourselves.’

Click here to visit Sharon and Kenneth’s You Tube Channel – you will find plenty of video testimonials of previous participants.

Venues and Dates
Byron Bay: 28 – 31 October 2010
Early Bird due date: 7 October 2010
No refunds after 14 October 2010

Sydney: 25 – 28 November 2010
Early Bird due date: 4 November 2010
No refunds after 11 November 2010

For additional information and to register please contact
Nathalie Himmelrich
0405 701 707

Sacred Loving

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In October and November of this year we will be running two events for couples: Sacred Loving.

Sharon & Kenneth Mauldin, who will run this weekend workshop, offer a safe space and loving guidance for couples and individuals to experience their sexuality as a sacred learning and healing ground while growing in trust and intimacy with themselves and others. We invite you to join us as ecstatic lovers of life.

Here is an ‘Introduction to SACRED LOVING’ written by Sharon Mauldin:

Our sexuality is core to how we interact with the ourselves, our lovers, our world.  When we open to the fullness of our enlivened sexuality we empower and enrich all parts of our life.   Unfortunately, many of us have been cut off from this natural  flow of essential creative life force.    We experience our sexuality through the veils of conditioning, beliefs and stories we’ve been told by society, our parents, churches, media etc.   Continue Reading Sacred Loving…

Men’s Brain ~ Women’s Brain

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Mark Gungor is making a funny and entertaining point about the difference in men’s and women’s brain.

Watch this You Tube video as he makes some valid points.

The Ugly Truth About Men and Women

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Gender Differences real or imagined?

Gender Differences: Real or Imagined?

Since the release of the latest comedy ‘The Ugly Truth’ the male-female intimate relationship structures are again under observation. Even though it is a comedy revisiting the old and well-known cliché of male and female differences it still leaves couples and singles going home and re-thinking the gender differences.

Here are the film’s quotes: The Ugly Truth about Men:

  1. Stop trying to win a man’s heart. Aim lower.
  2. Men are visual creatures.
  3. If you want a relationship, here is how you get one: It’s called a Stairmaster.
  4. Laugh at whatever a man says.
  5. No man is saying ‘I love you’ without expecting something in return. And by something, it’s not a home-cooked meal.
  6. Women, you have to be two people in order to lure your man: the saint and the sinner, the librarian and the stripper.

Let’s have a look at the truth behind some of the points mentioned above: Continue Reading The Ugly Truth About Men and Women…

Top 10 of the most popular ‘Ugly Truths’

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Below are the Top 10 of the most popular ‘Ugly Truths’ as voted by the public on Sony Pictures website to the film ‘The Ugly Truth’ with Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler that recently came out in the cinemas near you.

1. You can’t make someone fall in love with you.

2. Sometimes you can’t tell the difference between Mr. Right and Mr. Right-Now until it is too late.

3. Both men and women can act like children.

4. Men should not wear spandex. Anywhere. Ever.

5. Changing your relationship status more than once a week is not a good sign.

6. No matter how much we talk, you’ll just never get what its like to be a women.

7. She does look at other men.

8. No matter how hot she looks now, her “assets” will eventually fall victim to gravity.

9. Your parents had sex at least once, or you wouldn’t be reading this.

10. She’s faking it to make you feel better.

What is your ‘ugly truth’ about relationship? Tell us via the comment box.

The ugly truth is you can’t make someone fall in love with you.

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