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It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.

How shall I react?

How shall I react?

This has been repeated over and over again, but did you know that it is estimated that  EPICTETUS said it already around the time of AD 55 – 135?

Sacred Journey and the Role of the Family

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Family - Personal Growth Potential

Family - Personal Growth Potential

Life is a physical journey through time and space, yet it is also a spiritual journey that transcends both time and space. Physically we are born of the earth and to the earth we shall return. Yet spiritually we are never born and we never die, we never come and we never leave. We are each much more than our physical realities.

In fact, from our soul’s perspective, this current life is just one page in a never-ending book which is the eternal story of life. We are all characters in a play and we have each chosen different roles.

Your family is a central part of this journey; each  members plays their respective roles, each member your co-star and partner. Each play is designed for maximum dramatic effect otherwise it would all get very boring. In effect, we are all actors and we are each required to play our roles well. It is through our human drama we expand our understanding of love. The differnt roles we play and the people we encounter help us grow. Through drama we come to understand just how sacred life is.

Remembrance – Resurfacing of past feelings and emotions

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Past - Present - Future -- where are you?

Past - Present - Future -- where are you?

It is said that all we have is the present. While that is true, it is also true that in essence, past, present, and future are one. We are connected energetically to both past and future. Life is an evolving story and where we are now is a result of where we have been.

If feelings and emotions are resurfacing from deep within you and you may find yourself on an emotional roller coaster do not fight them, this is all fine. It is important to occasionally remember and honour your past, for it is part of you, part of your soul’s journey. Yet remember to honour every part of it, regardless of wheter you perceive parts to be good or bad, for in some way every experience has helped to expand your understanding and appreciation of life.

Occasionally reflecting on the past is healthy, just as giving soem thought to your future is wise. However excessive preoccupation with either only serves to rob you of the present moment and that serves no real purpose.

Source: Toni Carmine Salerno

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