Relationship Wisdom – High Desire Versus Low Desire Partner

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In any relationship you will sooner or later come across differences, which ultimately challenge you and the harmony of the relationship. One very common difference is the difference in sexual desire. This article will help you understand this topic better and answer some of your questions.

High or Low Sexual Desire?

High desire and low desire partner

I recently came across a book by Dr. David Schnarch, a clinical psychologist and sex therapist who is an expert on marriage and sexuality. In his book ‘Intimacy & Desire’ he introduces the pattern of high desire and low desire partner. This does not only apply to sexuality – it actually describes any kind of difference. Schnarch says: ‘The low desire partner and the high desire partner are positions in relationship on virtually any issue and decision in your relationship.’ There is always one partner who wants to do something and the other who doesn’t, or wants to do it less. So actually, to be correct, the two positions mean that there is one who has a higher desire and one who has the lower desire. It is all a question of comparison.

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