Relationship Wisdom – What Stops You From Having Sex With Your Partner?

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What is ruling your sex life?

Reading the statistics about how often a couple has sex makes some wonder: ‘What’s wrong with me?’ The fact is that these numbers are not necessarily representative of the whole population. Still, the question remains: What stops you from having sex with your partner?

We used to have sex all the time!

We can find a multitude of reasons why the frequency of intimacy and sexual intercourse in specific usually decreases over the course of a relationship. First of all, it depends on the libido of the people involved, so keep that in mind while continuing to read this article. One reason that applies to all of us is that at the beginning of a relationship, while a couple is filled with ‘honeymoon hormones’ the drive to have sex is the highest. Given that this state lasts anywhere from six to 18 months and then decreases, it makes sense that so does the desire. This reason is based in biology and it is said that it is linked to the average time it takes to procreate and conceive a baby.

Other reasons Continue Reading Relationship Wisdom – What Stops You From Having Sex With Your Partner?…

Self Knowledge – Ideal Self And Real Self

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Are you often disappointed with yourself? Are you noticing thoughts like ‘I shouldn’t be doing or thinking this’? Are you being hard on yourself for not reaching your goals? The reason might be that there are big gaps between your ideal self-image and your real self.

Ideal Self versus Real Self

Getting to know your Ideal Self

Consciously or unconsciously we all walk around with an idealized image of ourselves. Setting goals might be the more obvious and conscious ones. Being unhappy about our body shape, size or weight might go more unconsciously.

To get familiarized with the Ideal Self that you have created, start by listening and paying attention to your thoughts and words. It might come concealed in statements like ‘I’m not as quick writing this report as I should be’ or ‘Wow, this guy is really self-assured’. Often expectations we set ourselves might be tied up with things we aspire to or admire in others, or, on the contrary, things we envy or ‘apparently’ disregard in others. Continue Reading Self Knowledge – Ideal Self And Real Self…

Bringing some order into your Multiple Personality ‘Disorder’: Introducing the Selves

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Who Am I Really?

We all have different selves or parts active in us at different times. These selves are the central building blocks of the psyche. Like different identities we take on their energy, or they run our show, seemingly without our input. The purpose of understanding the selves is to become aware of them so that we are at choice as to which one is being activated.

How so the Selves develop?

Each newborn comes into this world with a unique quality of ‘being’, which all mothers and fathers can confirm. They come in totally vulnerable and depending on adults to take care of them. Sooner or later Continue Reading Bringing some order into your Multiple Personality ‘Disorder’: Introducing the Selves…

10 Key Principles About Relationships

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Bring more to your relationship

# 1: The only difference between a love relationship and a friendship is intimacy. Ask yourself: With my current partner am I living in a friendship or a love relationship?

# 2: Personal evolution: Relationship is the fastest way to personally evolve. Your partner has VIP access to your hot buttons. Once you are past the honeymoon period you will be pushing each other’s buttons, whether you like it or not, for the purpose of growth and expansion of who you are.

# 3: Knowing one another: The basis of a sound relationship is to know another. It is not about what you know from the past, it is about what you discover freshly every day. Are you referencing your partner through past experience or through what is showing up in the present?

# 4: Affection: Continue Reading 10 Key Principles About Relationships…

Life Is Not Fair, Get Used To It

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Life is not fair!

Bill Gates said: ‘Life is not fair, get used to it.’ He is right. Some of you might cringe hearing this, some of you might want to negotiate over this fact and others might simply use some fatalistic sentence like ‘When it’s meant to be it will happen.’ Unfortunately, any of these approaches won’t help you when you experience really painful ‘unfairness’.

First of all we have to understand that what is fair and what is not is a question of perception. Fairness in life is not based on a rulebook with which experiences can be measured. What you mean by ‘being fair’ is your personal definition based on your values, which does not necessarily have to coincide with another person’s value system. Continue Reading Life Is Not Fair, Get Used To It…


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Self-Appreciation is the foundation of a healthy self-image and goes hand in hand with self-esteem and self-confidence. It starts with accepting the self and the way in which it is showing up in this life. This might not happen over night but as a process of self-discovery. Developing self-appreciation will lead to a fuller, healthier and happier life.

Self-Appreciation starts with loving yourself

Self-judgment and the judgment of others happen as the product of a consciousness developing to certain level of self-awareness. Self-judgment diminishes self-appreciation when the individual internalizes the consequences that stem from these judgments. Therefore it is crucial to nurture self-esteem and practice self-appreciation to assure the health and well-being of the individual.

Use the following technique to allow Self-Appreciation into your life: Continue Reading Self-Appreciation…

How to Manage the ‘Wanting-to-fix-my-Partner’ Pattern

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Hairy ears?

Hairy ears?

After the glow of the honeymoon period in a relationship wears off and we regain the full awareness of our reality by taking off the rose colored glasses, we slowly become aware of the small and not-so-small imperfections in our partner.

Depending on our need for perfection we slowly but surely start to work on repairing our partner.

Usually it is one partner that more feels the urge to suggest improvements and these might range from an updated wardrobe, removing excess hair, squeezing pimples to picking on the shirt that is tucked in too tightly. Besides the personal improvements there might also be suggestions on books to read, encouragement on courses to join, engaging with a specific set of friends, or softly controlling your partner’s choice on the amount of time spent alone or with other friends.

Continue Reading How to Manage the ‘Wanting-to-fix-my-Partner’ Pattern…

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