Comparison – Competition Need

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Better, worse, more than, less than, more special, more common… Often human interactions are a game to differentiate ourselves from our fellow human being in some way that makes us feel superior. The ego is racing against the fear of going unnoticed.

Im higher :-)

I'm higher 🙂

Let’s have a look at a typical conversation:

Person A: How are you today?

Person B: I am OK. I have got a bit of a headache.

Person A: Oh well, that is nothing. I am hurting from my head to my toes…

Here a conversation in relationship:

Husband: I had such a tough day at work. I need a rest.

Wife: Well I’m so tired. I had to deal with the plumber in the morning and could not do the grocery shopping and then in the afternoon I had all the kids from the neighborhood over to feed and look after. I can barely keep my eyes open. Guess how much I need a rest?

In a business setting it might sound like this: Continue Reading Comparison – Competition Need…

Seeing through Failure

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If you’ve never failed – you’ve never lived:


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This is a very cool original animation by Louis Lefebvre which chronicles the evolution of Consciousness from its inanimate state into human form and then back through spiritual seeking to Oneness. Its inspiration is the spiritual teaching of Wayne Liquorman and Ramesh S. Balsekar.

Courtesy of

Consciousness about Judgment

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... the nature of life ...

... the nature of life ...

All judgment reveals itself

to be self-judgment in the end,

and when this is understood

a larger comprehension

of nature of life takes its place.

David R. Hawkins

Thought of the Week

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What do you want your experience to be?


The experience
that you have with others
is about
what you evoke from them.


Perception – Consciousness – Destiny

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Watch this clip for real enlightening insights into the shift of consciousness we are currently going through.

He says:

A change in perception brings about a change in feeling
that brings about a change in consciousness.

Consciousness impacts your very experience of life which subsequently creates a shift in destiny.

Sri Bhagavan on 2012

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