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Can you be sure that we are all separate?


Here is the test to find whether your mission on Earth is finished:
if you’re alive, it isn’t.

Richard Bach

How to Manage the ‘Wanting-to-fix-my-Partner’ Pattern

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Hairy ears?

Hairy ears?

After the glow of the honeymoon period in a relationship wears off and we regain the full awareness of our reality by taking off the rose colored glasses, we slowly become aware of the small and not-so-small imperfections in our partner.

Depending on our need for perfection we slowly but surely start to work on repairing our partner.

Usually it is one partner that more feels the urge to suggest improvements and these might range from an updated wardrobe, removing excess hair, squeezing pimples to picking on the shirt that is tucked in too tightly. Besides the personal improvements there might also be suggestions on books to read, encouragement on courses to join, engaging with a specific set of friends, or softly controlling your partner’s choice on the amount of time spent alone or with other friends.

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From Grief to Joy

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How to process from grief to joy? It takes time – your time, determined by your choices of looking at the fact of not having someone around anymore.

Processing Grief

Processing Grief

Watching this video clip, Abraham (through Esther Hicks) brings forward that ‘Grief is not the feeling of loss of someone but the feeling of loss of the connection to the source of who you really are that that person brought out in you.’

Watch this short clip to be enlightened and maybe even change your view on death and grieving.

Why Would I Spend my Time Using Twitter or Facebook?

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Nowadays social interactions happen on the internet. Many of you by now might have heard about Facebook and Twitter or are using it already. For those of you not already using it. let me bring you up to speed.

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How to Attract a Relationship

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All of us are in relationships daily: with your mother, father, sister, brother, friend, employee, boss, shop assistant, etc. These interactions are there to give you valuable information on what it is that you want or do not want in relating to others. Use it!

Whatever the relationship is that you are looking to create, ask yourself: What is it that I want? If you already know, what it is you do not want, then ask yourself what you want instead.

Start with one sentence, for example: I desire a partner who loves and respects me. Now imagine … Continue Reading How to Attract a Relationship…

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