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Love Everywhere...


CUSTOMER SERVICE: Can you install Love in your machine?

CUSTOMER: I think I can do that. I’m not very technical, but I think I’m ready to install now. What do I do first?

CUSTOMER SERVICE: The first step is to ‘power up’ and open your heart. Have you located your heart?

CUSTOMER: Yes, I have, but there are several programs running right now. Is it OK to install love while they are running?

CUSTOMER SERVICE: What programs are running?

CUSTOMER: Let me see…I have Pasthurt.exe, Lowesteem.exe, Grudge.exe, and Continue Reading Love…

How to Stay Happy in a Long Term Relationship

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Staying happy...

Relationships are the fastest way to personally evolve, if you are prepared to stay a continuous student. Any relationship will, sooner or later, bring up and highlight areas in which you can learn more about yourself, your partner and your ability to truly relate to what is.

What is a long term relationship?

In order to find out how we can stay happy in a long term relationship we need to first clarify the meaning of ‘long term relationship’. Personally I would consider a relationship to be long term somewhere around the time when it passed the two to three years mark. The reason for that time frame is that the initial honeymoon period, in which we start out as a couple, lasts anywhere from 6 to 18 months, at the most – and if you are lucky – 3 years. For more information on the different stages in relationships refer to my most popular article called ‘Stages of a Relationship’.

Staying happy

‘Staying happy’ means Continue Reading How to Stay Happy in a Long Term Relationship…

Improving Communication in Your Relationship – 3 Important Tips

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Some people might naturally be more talented at communicating than others and this still does not mean that you just have to shrug your shoulders and accept things the way they are. Communication is a skill and therefore can be learnt, trained and improved with willingness and dedicated practice.

Communication in Relationship

Tip #1: Listening

Becoming a better listener is the first part in practicing your communication skills. It is when you really listen to your partner that you will find out what is really going on. Often we make assumptions based on past experiences and fail to notice changes.

Start to practice listening by summarizing and feeding back to your partner what you have heard. Refrain from paraphrasing and adding your own interpretation. Ask clarifying questions, even if you think you know. Let your partner know that you have your own idea of what you think they mean but you are genuinely interested in what THEY meant.

Tip #2: Take time

Take time to have an in-depth conversation. If you need to, Continue Reading Improving Communication in Your Relationship – 3 Important Tips…

Well Formed Outcome Pattern – Smart Goal Setting

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What Are You Aiming For?

One of the basic patterns in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is about forming ‘Well Formed Outcomes’. Most of the solution focused forms of therapy and cutting edge developmental tools like coaching and counselling focus on the desired outcome when dealing with desire for change.

How to form a ‘Well Formed Outcome’?

The questions we ask in coaching and counselling can also be applied to yourself when you want to clarify a future outcome. Ask yourself:

What do I want to achieve?

If a miracle happened tonight, and tomorrow I did not have the problem (or I achieved what I set out to achieve), how would I know? What would I notice to be different? What do I have to let go of?

What are the specific steps and questions to make an outcome well-formed?

1. State in the positive Continue Reading Well Formed Outcome Pattern – Smart Goal Setting…

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