How to Attract a Relationship

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All of us are in relationships daily: with your mother, father, sister, brother, friend, employee, boss, shop assistant, etc. These interactions are there to give you valuable information on what it is that you want or do not want in relating to others. Use it!

Whatever the relationship is that you are looking to create, ask yourself: What is it that I want? If you already know, what it is you do not want, then ask yourself what you want instead.

Start with one sentence, for example: I desire a partner who loves and respects me. Now imagine …Now imagine a situation that fully exemplifies and portrays your partner’s love and respect. How would that be shown if it were a movie? See it in the way he or she looks at you, hear it in his or her words and most importantly feel it with every cell of your body. Build on that image and make it as real as possible. Imagine you are in that movie and play it out exactly as you would like it to happen.

The more real it feels, the stronger you get drawn into your movie, the more energy you are sending out into the universe for your desire to be answered.

Now continue from your first sentence and write a whole description of that perfect mate as if you were to put a ‘job description’ together for the most important person in your business. How clearly would you formulate that? Mention everything that is important to you, for example: age, gender, sexual preferences, physicality, emotional, spiritual and mental aspects, hobbies, career, financial aspects, social aspects, likes and dislikes etc. If you were to get exactly what you are asking for, how detailed would that description be?

Go into as much details as would be needed for the director of your film to source the right actor and character to play that part. Describe not just what you see but also what you hear and how this makes you feel, describe your bodily reactions, your emotions, your feelings. Pretend you are living in that relationship right now. The closer you come to fully experiencing this future reality on all sensory levels, the more power your vibration and manifestation has which will draw your desire into your reality.

If you are absolutely sure that you want this relationship in your life, what stops you from grabbing your pen and paper?

Now, the more often you practice something, the better you get at it – would you agree? The same applies to this process: Start each day by appreciating what you already have as this will bring you into states of emotion that are really powerful helpers in manifesting. Then spend 10 minutes playing that movie of your perfect mate, meditate and marvel about your future, play make-belief with your personal director’s cut of your ‘perfect match’ movie.

Imagine how your life will be once you have met your future self who is already living in that relationship? And what have you got to lose doing this little exercise and having fun and feeling amazing in the process?


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