The Ugly Truth About Men and Women

August 11, 2009 at 8:32 pm | Posted in gender/sexuality, love/relationship/marriage | 3 Comments
Gender Differences real or imagined?

Gender Differences: Real or Imagined?

Since the release of the latest comedy ‘The Ugly Truth’ the male-female intimate relationship structures are again under observation. Even though it is a comedy revisiting the old and well-known cliché of male and female differences it still leaves couples and singles going home and re-thinking the gender differences.

Here are the film’s quotes: The Ugly Truth about Men:

  1. Stop trying to win a man’s heart. Aim lower.
  2. Men are visual creatures.
  3. If you want a relationship, here is how you get one: It’s called a Stairmaster.
  4. Laugh at whatever a man says.
  5. No man is saying ‘I love you’ without expecting something in return. And by something, it’s not a home-cooked meal.
  6. Women, you have to be two people in order to lure your man: the saint and the sinner, the librarian and the stripper.

Let’s have a look at the truth behind some of the points mentioned above:

It is known that ‘men feel love when they are being intimate and women are ready to be intimate when they feel loved’. In a study of more than 100 couples this statement was agreed upon in 100% of the cases. One of the main points of challenges in the relationship between the genders is that both sides expect the other to play on their turf (point no 1 and 4) and speak their language.

It is proven that men are stimulated by visual input (point no 2). How else would the ‘magazines for men’ industry make millions of dollars every year?  This leads us into the area of exercise (point no 3). It is a fact that men and women put more effort into exercise and being fit when summer is on our door step. So really, who are they shaping up for, themselves or the opposite sex? And yes, women also prefer a six pack to a beer belly…

Men and women are equally looking for affirmation. Laughing at whatever the man says has more to do with being in rapport with each other than anything else (point 4). Laughter is used as a signal for being part of a group, in this case the couple — it signals acceptance and positive interactions with others. Isn’t that what we want with our mate?

And what about point no 6? Well I guess you have to find out for yourself…


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  1. ‘men feel love when they are being intimate and women are ready to be intimate when they feel loved’

    i think if we start from here a lot of problems are solved. Right? Thanks for the tips. I am a guy and I am somehow beginning to get scared about a woman’s mind. If not handled with care she can be like an electric shock. You’ll wonder what hit you for a moment. Thanks. I have picked my insights here. The road signs that I’ll have to watch out for.

  2. Well yes I agree with this, it is very true and honest, just as the movie.

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