Life Is Not Fair, Get Used To It

March 17, 2010 at 3:20 pm | Posted in communication, inspiration/humour, self development/motivation | 1 Comment
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Life is not fair!

Bill Gates said: ‘Life is not fair, get used to it.’ He is right. Some of you might cringe hearing this, some of you might want to negotiate over this fact and others might simply use some fatalistic sentence like ‘When it’s meant to be it will happen.’ Unfortunately, any of these approaches won’t help you when you experience really painful ‘unfairness’.

First of all we have to understand that what is fair and what is not is a question of perception. Fairness in life is not based on a rulebook with which experiences can be measured. What you mean by ‘being fair’ is your personal definition based on your values, which does not necessarily have to coincide with another person’s value system. Continue Reading Life Is Not Fair, Get Used To It…

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