Relationship Wisdom – 10 Tips On Becoming Master Of Relationships

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The following article is a collection of observation that I’ve collected in my counseling practice working with clients. These findings are not based on scientific research but show practical experiences of relationships that worked better as an effect of one or multiple of these tips.

Are you relating well?

Tip #1: Show gratitude

Sounds simple but ask yourself: How often do you show or express gratitude for the things your partner does, says or simply is? The little mundane things that you do for each other on a daily basis mean a lot more if the other affirms them.

Tip #2: Share daily

Couples that make it a practice to have a daily sharing time, where they stop all other activities and simply talk to each other, show longevity in their relationship.

Tip #3: Respect Continue Reading Relationship Wisdom – 10 Tips On Becoming Master Of Relationships…

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