How To Get Readers To Comment

January 10, 2011 at 6:48 pm | Posted in communication | 4 Comments
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Please comment!

That’s what I’m wondering… any ideas bloggers?

When do I comment?
Personally I comment on things that inspire me, that I find interesting or extremly useful. There are probably more reasons to comment and my guess it that if there is already a comment people feel more encouraged to comment.

What do I comment about?

I say things that compliment the blogger and/or the content they blog about, ask questions, give encouragement, comment on other people comments etc.

So what do you need to comment on my blog?


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  1. These are very good suggestions. They would greatly beneficial as part of the core education curriculum either/all primary and secondary years. Because unfortunately, there are far too many of us suffering the effects negative self talk which seems to start at an early age.

    • Hey Evelyn,
      Thanks for your comment – I guess this was regarding the post about negative self-talk. I totally agree with you and when I was still working as a teacher this was one of my main aims with my students.
      🙂 Nathalie

  2. Most people do not comment! It is necessary however in order to encourage the blogger and let him feel that he or she is appreciated!

    • Thank you FamilyIgloo,
      I do appreciate your comment 🙂 especially as it comes unexpected and not from a known source.
      Thank you for signing up for our newsletter.
      All the best,
      Nathalie 🙂

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