Preconceived Ideas

August 25, 2009 at 4:54 pm | Posted in inspiration/humour | 3 Comments

Do you have preconceived ideas?
Here is your task: Have a look at the video below and stop at exactly 0:40 min.

If you have really stopped, ask yourself now: What are you thinking about Stacey?

What do you think the judge’s preconceived ideas might be according to Stacey’s look, accent, personality?

And now finish watching the video.

All of our preconceptions are based on our beliefs and values that we’ve adapted from influential people in our life while growing up:  parents, teachers, family members and friends.

We all have preconceived ideas. What matters is whether we just have them, accept them, live with them and judge the world around them according to them or if we question them and allow to be surprised by what is actually happening as opposed to what we expect to happen.


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  1. Yes, indeed… what a wonderful world…
    How would life be different with no story of the past or future? Just drinking in the preciousness of each moment.

  2. Wow! Brought tears to my eyes! Isn’t it a wonderful world when you can be surprised like that…

  3. Thank you Sharon – indeed, if we were to truly stay in the moment there would be no story, no judgment, no comparison – just experiencing.
    Thanks for your comment Liz, what if you could be surprised like that? Are you allowing that possibility in your life? 😉

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